I was speaking to a lady friend of mine over the weekend after church when a young girl aged 3-4 passed by and...

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I was speaking to a lady friend of mine over the weekend after church when a young girl aged 3-4 passed by and I beckoned her to come to us. She came running towards me and I lifted her. I then put her back on the ground and  asked my friend to beckon her, while the girl held on to my knees. My friend politely declined, stating that girls don’t like each other. I was taken aback, you mean even at that age?

What is going on here? Fast forward to the workplace. You’re definitely old enough to know that it is every man for himself and there is a generation of people who would not spare a moment to stab you in the back in order to make gains at your expense. Is it easier being a man or a woman in the workplace? Is there a gender that finds it easier? What do you think?

In my opinion, there is a lot of pressure on the girl child to shine in the work place, rise to the top and serve as an example to her fellow women. As for men, who cares? Make a mistake and you will be dealt with individually. Women on the other hand, are dealt a lot of scrutiny, you’re there on behalf of an entire generation.

The irony which I cannot seem to explain is how or why, this ceiling seemingly appears to be out of reach and those who manage to break it are either idolized or demonized by the same women for the dubious or underhand means they used to get there. Would it not be easier to set up a united front and anchor one another towards progress?

The Mathematics doesn’t add up for me at times. The majority of HR professionals are women whose role it is, to ensure there is a balance – at least in the acquisition of new talent. However, if we look at the gender proportion in managerial or C-suite positions, an imbalance seems to emerge somewhere through the journey.

In my opinion, I would advocate that men and women invest in their leadership, build capacity to bring meaningful development in their areas of expertise and live out their lifelong mission without fear of retribution. Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world. To get a female perspective on this, please read my colleague Mercy’s views HERE

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