Would you take back a cheating spouse? By Lillian Sudi

Would you take back a cheating spouse?    For some strange reason women have an easier time taking back their cheating...

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Would you take back a cheating spouse?   

For some strange reason women have an easier time taking back their cheating spouses than men do. Most women can easily forgive men when they go astray. A woman will be quick to say it was the other woman’s fault; her man was simply tempted by a home wrecker. Some women even turn and blame themselves for their spouse’s infidelity. A woman might rant and rave but
eventually be open to reconciliation.  So why is this?

It has been engraved in most of our minds that all men cheat; it is a default setting and a fact at that. Therefore it is definitely something that we should expect. Some women accept this and actually just want their men to cheat respectfully without rubbing it in their faces. They refuse to get so engrossed in the fact that their men are regularly unfaithful and would rather have their men settle the bills and be on their way to their other women. The downside of this is evident in the fact that most new HIV infections occur in marriages. It might not concern you much that your husband or spouse constantly goes out of your marriage but this is not just a breach-of-contract affair, it is a health hazard.

A careless man will not only occasionally leave and go for another woman, he will divide his money and time between his main and side woman. He might even go and start another family with the other woman because he can get away with it. And woe unto his wife once he dies and women from the world over come round claiming a portion of the money he left behind which initially you assumed was meant for your children.

People make mistakes but to me a mistake is pouring salt in your tea instead of sugar, it is sending a private message to the wrong group, maybe making a sex tape because you believed it is only between the two of you. A mistake does not take time to plan and meet another woman behind your back when you are busy at home holding the fort. So should you take back a cheating spouse? I believe that we all dictate how far our ultimate threshhold is and forgiving is always good practice but women should stop letting men get away with infidelity. Men should be held accountable for their actions rather than their women always blaming other parties for the actions of their grown men.  To get a male perspective on this, please click HERE to read my colleague Mitch’s views.

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