If You’re Freaking Out About Turning 25, This Is What You Need To Remember By Lisa Smith

If You’re Freaking Out About Turning 25, This Is What You Need To Remember  By Lisa Smith I am 25, and I...

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If You’re Freaking Out About Turning 25, This Is What You Need To Remember  By Lisa Smith

I am 25, and I even today feel good to be lost without any worries. Any age is the right age to be lost in a moment. Twenty-five is the age when I actually started looking at my life more deeply than ever before.

The journey of life wasn’t — and will never be — easy. I still make mistakes. I might be making some mistakes right now, and I am quite sure that I will continue to make mistakes in future. But what is important is how much worth I feel at the end of the day.  Here are 11 things you need to remember is you’re freaking out about turning 25:

1. Age is just a number.

When it comes to life, I feel quality is more important than quantity. No matter what I have in my life, regardless of all the bad decisions I have made so far, it still feels good to be lost sometimes. When I say lost, I don’t mean feeling abandoned by the world. It’s like finding myself in the world where nothing waits for you.

It’s OK if my personal relationships sometimes don’t work out. I know I don’t have an excellent job at 25, but it’s a lot more important to connect with my inner self to get the best quality of life at this time.

2. It’s healthy to get lost.

Despite the fact that I’m generous and humble most of the time, I feel lost in a world where everything seems dark and worthless. It happens because with the passage of time, we forget how to live. I go through endless hurdles in my personal and professional life day to day.

But, at the end of the day, I know that it is only me who has to handle each and every tough situation and keep moving. This is how we start making ourselves strong.

3. You are important.

Having a stable career and a peaceful life with people I trust is the utmost important thing for me. But in recent times, I have realized that the one person who can save me from the world is myself. It’s OK to feel lost or experience darker side of life. But, we all have power to bounce back.

4. Insecurities are common.

At the age of 25, I feel we fight with ourselves more than we do with others. There are several common storms that create ache in our hearts. From insecurities to impulsiveness, these things become part of our daily lives. At this point, I need people who can just sit with me and listen. I don’t seek someone who is ready to paint a rainbow, but someone who can just face all the black clouds with me.

5. Negative relationships are healthy.

It’s good to have people around you who care and respect to your perspective, but most of the time, I struggle with negativity in my relationships. I understand that not every relationship would go smoothly and work in my favor. I try my best to make the best out of every relationship I find myself in.

It’s not necessary to have every relationship work for us. I have gradually learned that all of the people who come into our lives are like teachers. Some will teach us with love, and some will teach us with harsh rules.

6. We chase reality with dreams.

Our 20s are arguably the most challenging period of our lives. We juggle everything at once, from making good career choices to finding the right partner. I do chase fairytales in my future, but the whole picture changes when my dreams meet reality. The game of chasing people or things can make our lives miserable.

7. Beauty lies everywhere.

I often get what I want, but most of the time, I still look unsatisfied and unhappy. This happens because I often forget that in the game of chasing people and opportunities, it’s more important to search for our own selves. It’s not bad to feel lost. In fact, I find myself closer to my innermost thoughts when I feel lost. That’s when I see the beauty of the universe.

8. Burdens are a part and parcel of life.

Sharing my feelings reduces my burden to half, and I feel more comfortable and secure with my own feelings. I always try to open up with people to speak my mind and heart. I treasure my friends and family. They may not understand me sometimes, but they are always there for me in tough times.

9. Life is not meant to be linear.

What goes on in our hearts and minds often confuses us. The most important thing to get your life back on track is to maintain a balance between two. It’s completely acceptable to have negative emotions during a tough time, but it’s more important to acknowledge those thoughts to keep the journey moving.

10. Things get messed up.

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong in the outer world, but we still feel miserable and shattered because we might feel we have boring lives. We all need some fun to make our lives interesting and less stressful. Spending some time with young kids always works for me, as they have positive attitudes toward life.

11. Jealousy is a key to growth.

People around us might be earning ample money and spending all of it in the luxuries, but it’s not necessary that we all feel good and content with materialistic things. Sometimes, sitting on a hill with the person we love can be the best experience we can ever have.

Don’t hassle yourself and overload yourself with work. Sometimes, it’s good to relax. Work hard, but take a break and unplug yourself from the technical world whenever you need to.

In the world that always trying to pull you down, it’s challenging to find your own place in it. But, it’s worth it at the end of the journey.

We all are here to enjoy and give our best to life, but our first priority should be our own lives. There’s nothing wrong with feeling lost, but we should always try our best to pull ourselves out of a particular situation that makes us feel hopeless.  Click HERE to original article 

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