MALE PERSPECTIVE By Mitchell Odhiambo – On ‘The Light-Skin vs Dark-Skin issue’

On ‘The Light-Skin vs Dark-Skin issue’ I will go right at it and throw it out there; this is huge...

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On ‘The Light-Skin vs Dark-Skin issue’

I will go right at it and throw it out there; this is huge for men, a do or die decision. We have an inclination towards either light or dark skin tone and this strongly affects our attraction towards women. 

Take for example, men who are attracted to dark and lovely, you will hear them glorify dark and chocolate while referring to light skinned women, as yellow which I gather is offensive.

Men who are attracted to light skinned women will almost show disdain for dark beauties. Some go to the extent of letting it affect their choice of friends. Others though, have a mix of all friends light or dark however, if they are to date any, the complexion thereof has to satisfy their innate desires.

Before a man is a judge of your personality or character, he visualizes you from afar, if your skin complexion fits his profile, he can look at you twice to establish whether you will make a good mum to his kids. This will help him know if he wants to perpetuate these genes to his descendants.

Media however has blown this out of proportion by subliminally introducing a racial angle to the whole complexion issue. The Music that gets commercial airtime, the production films that sell, the celebrities that are recognized and awarded in all fairness turns an otherwise beautiful and distinct feature that spices our diversity as humans into a supremacy battle that borrows strongly from historical injustices. This for me is despicable.

Dark or light that’s the beauty of it all, the diversity of the human race. Psychologically,  societies are affected and some men make compromises for fear of public disapproval. This, my friend, is a classic case of living life as a victim of dogma.

I know this is a sensitive issue, perhaps more sensitive for some than others, that notwithstanding, my word of advice to all is, follow your heart.

Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world To get a female perspective, please CLICK HERE to read my colleague, Lillian’s views


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