MALE PERSPECTIVE – By Mitchell Odhiambo On ‘Women Drivers’

On ‘Women Drivers’ I called a colleague of mine to pick me up from a meeting from Lavington when he ordered...

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On ‘Women Drivers’

I called a colleague of mine to pick me up from a meeting from Lavington when he ordered an Uber which cruised passed me in elegant fashion before making an impressive U-turn. Shock on me, the person in the driver’s seat was a woman. Unbelievable how she navigated the roundabouts and maneuvered the Junctions. I’ll be honest. I didn’t expect that. 

The experience was different. She even offered us sweets and fresh water to cool the highs of the Kenyan midday sun. Talk of customer service. Despite the uproar against Uber Taxi drivers she remains bold and since few Taxi drivers expect a woman driver, she goes unscathed. I sympathize though with the affected Uber cab drivers. I know you will prevail.  

What are your honest thoughts on women drivers? A friend told me he’s seen it enough times. Women drivers do not grant each other spaces in traffic, they’d rather lock head on. In fact, if a lady wishes to cross the road and a vehicle denies her leeway, no need to worry how rude Kenyan drivers are. It is not Kenyan drivers, the driver is a woman. Case closed.

I almost cracked my ribs when I saw trending images of women on the road, or how women park memes. If you google this up you would cry yourself in laughter. I wish I could share this with you. How some women park though, someone ought to help them.  What I know, and no doubt, most men will agree with me, is the drama that ensues when shegets a flat tyre. She calls her husband so the husband can tell her call the mechanic or in other cases send the mechanic to her location. How sweet. At least we know you think about us all day. We love you all. 

Until we speak again.  I am your host Mitchell. Welcome to a man’s world . To get a female perspective on this, please CLICK HERE to read my colleague Yvonne’s views.

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