FEMALE PERSPECTIVE – Does it matter what your friends think about your partner?

When it comes to discussing matters of the heart, ladies are more talkative compared to men....

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Beryl AmattaWhen it comes to discussing matters of the heart, ladies are more talkative compared to men. This explains why you will find them telling their close friends how they feel about a particular guy and even seeking their opinion about how they should go about  things So, how much value does or should a lady place on a friend’s opinion about her man? Here’s my take on it.

Let’s start from the beginning. When a lady is preparing to go on a first date and is undecided about what to wear or just wants someone to calm her nerves, the first person she will think of calling is her best friend. It could be a very close relative or a close friend. This shows that she
values her friend’s opinion, in the sense that she believes that she (the friend) has her best interests at heart and would therefore not give her a
misleading opinion. Heavy reliance on such opinion at this point is expected because of the high level of uncertainty. Therefore a statement
from her friend like “He seems like a nice guy, you should go and see him” is enough to convince her to press ahead.

At the stage where a lady is making a decision about whether to enter into a relationship with a man, she has all the information available to her to help her decide. This is because through numerous dates and constant communication, she has learnt a lot about him such as his character,
ideologies, the chemistry between them, how he makes her feel, etc. At this point the lady would, in my view, not place high reliance on her friends’  opinion(s) about her partner. The argument for this would be that she has  interacted with him more than her friends  have, and therefore knows him better.

To sum this up I leave you with a sentence I read in a book by Sean Covey that is paraphrased to say: Let your friends give you opinions and
suggestions but DON’T let them make the decision for you. Food for thought!  Always a delight sharing insights on a lady’s world, Beryl Amatta.

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