ON LADIES AND WEDDINGS A wedding is a celebration of the culmination of love...

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A wedding is a celebration of the culmination of love and ladies generally love the idea of love. By this, I mean that they will find everything that is associated with love to be lovely. This is why you will hear most saying Aaaawww!” whenever they see two love birds kissing, holding hands or simply just looking deeply into each other’s eyes. Now you know why most ladies love going to weddings and many will tell you that their best part is where the minister says “You may now kiss your bride”.

 Right from the time a wedding is around the corner, ladies ranging from the bride, to the bridal party right to the guests, start picturing how they want to look on the D-day. What to wear is usually a genuine concern, even though men hardly understand why we stress so much. It is fair to note that the emphasis to look good is not restricted to the ladies; men too try to look all clean and presentable.

There are two main reasons for such emphasis by both men and women: First, weddings are usually characterized by a lot of photography and who doesn’t want to look good in a photo? Secondly, with the diverse group of people attending the wedding, you just never know who’s checking you out, so why not look good?

Another reason, I would say, why ladies love to go for weddings is that not only do they get to dance to the different cultural tunes and welcome the bride, but it is also an opportunity to learn a thing or two on marriage. This is through the words of wisdom that the newlyweds receive from the minister, the parents and the relatives.

So men, when you are invited by your lady or friend to accompany her for that wedding, why not say yes? First, there’s nothing wrong with a man attending a wedding. Second, you never know, if you are in a relationship you may find some of the advice to be useful and if you are single you may just find your missing rib! Always a pleasure talking matters ladies, Beryl Amatta.  To get  a male perspective on weddings, please click link to read my colleague Mitchell Odhiambo’s views  


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