VALENTINE’S DAY – A female perspective by Beryl Amatta

  Every year, when we get to February, everything is themed around love; plays, events...

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Beryl Amatta  Every year, when we get to February, everything is themed around love; plays, events and new-    month messages welcoming you to the month of love. So what does Valentine’s Day actually mean?  Why is it so important that city centers literally get painted red?

Valentine’s Day is agreeably a celebration of love. However, it means different things to different  people.  For the single and searching ladies, it is a day they hope to be asked out on a date. For the  single and satisfied ladies, it is a day they get to treat themselves to good food or a good pampering at  the spa (given that Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year). Finally, for couples,  it is a day to  celebrate the love that they share.

The question is, if love is such a beautiful thing, why do some people dread Valentine’s (particularly men) or refuse to celebrate it altogether? Many men consider it an expensive day. This, however, should not be reason enough to dread the day; I believe if you love your lady, then you will not mind spending time/resources on her – it comes naturally. Additionally, there are many special places you can go to, without denting your pocket.

So, why celebrate love on a particular day? Here is how I see it; Valentine’s Day is like a birthday. You can celebrate your life, achievements and how far you have come at any time in the year but you still place significant importance on your birth day, right? Same holds true for Valentine’s;  it is possible for couples to show small gestures of love throughout the year but when it comes to February 14th anything special you do for your partner goes a long way in terms of making them feel special.

So Valentine’s Day is a beautiful day. Whether single, searching or, in a relationship, KEEP CALM and CELEBRATE VALENTINE’S! To read a male perspective on Valentine’s day, please read my ATB colleague Mitch’s blog

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