Get Up. Loosen Yourself. Fly! By Danstan Wasobokha

What if you fall?Oh, but darling what if you fly?How many of us are living in fear of taking a leap...

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What if you fall?

Oh, but darling what if you fly?

How many of us are living in fear of taking a leap in to flight? A leap into flight out of our comfort zones? Into a new job, a new love, pursuing a passion without a way of knowing the outcome?

This fear, often times, keeps us caged in like birds who are too afraid to fly. 
We tell ourselves many lies; convincing ourselves this cage is protecting us from the disappointments, hurt, and of possible failures that may happen if we decide to take that leap. So, we sit as caged birds and daydream about what could have been.

What happens if we DO decided to take the leap? What if we DO decide to flap our wings and fly out of that cage?

Some of us will fly, landing safely at our destinations. Some of us will fly, falling short of our destinations. But ALL of us will have conquered the fear of taking the scariest leap of all; deciding to be brave and facing the wind.  ALL of us will have experienced flying. Most importantly, ALL of us will have a story about our uncaged journey. What we do with our stories is up to us.

If you are one who has fallen short of your destination, remind yourself that you were at least brave enough to take the risk to fly.  Remember, caged birds only daydream.  Get back up, flap your wings, and create new adventures that you can share.

Get up! Loosen yourself! Fly! I wish you an adventurous flight! Click HERE to read more posts by Danstan.

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