‘What you need to know to win a woman’s heart’ By Mercy Karumba

Mr X: Hey,siz I think I got her?Mr X's  siz: Mmmmh,really? Great catch there.Congrats bro!Mr X: But there is still a problem. How exactly do I win...

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Mr X: Hey,siz I think I got her?

Mr X’s  siz: Mmmmh,really? Great catch there.Congrats bro!

Mr X: But there is still a problem. How exactly do I win her heart?

Mr X’s siz: It’s pretty easy, You know.   Pursue! Pursue! Pursue!

You think you got her? Not yet there.You need to keep pursuing. Men love the chase, we love to be chased (if that makes sense). She needs to know that she’s still worth the pursuit even after she says yes. After all, there are still men out there after her heart. So yes,  the race is still not over. However,  no pressure on this.

Not all girls want to be treated like a queen but all girls want to be treated like a princess. Simply learn to put her first. When out, allow her to make her order first, hold her hand when crossing the road, be the one walking closest to the street, the list is endless. But let her be that little princess around you.

It’s not so much about what you say, but how you say it.

I bet I am confusing you now right? But here I go. Some love the tough vibe,you know, not being too wooshy wooshy which makes you appear not manly enough.The bariton voice in you excemplified. Others love the gentleman charm, you know all sweet and soft in speech.

Be real – You know those crazy pick up lines out of these world? Please. Leave those for your fiction stories. Awe her with your words but be as real as possible.We love ambitious men but not too ambitious. Moderation is key and the more real you are, the better.

Be her best friend – As much as you could be the most gentle man in the world, if you cannot be a soulmate, then that is a minus. In the long run, the two of you have got to be more than lovers; you need to also be friends who can be easy around each other. I want to show my playful side around you not just being dolled up each time.

Is there a specific encyclopedia on how to win a woman’s heart???  None. Now you know! I bet that makes us even more complicated beings than before. I am sorry but I hope that helps so go after her heart and be at your best bro!Good progress. To get a male perspective on this, please click HERE to get my colleague Mitchell’s views.  You can also access more posts by Mercy by clicking HERE 

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