EXCUSE ME YOUR DREAM IS CALLING YOU. (Title of a book by one of my mentors Mbugua Mumbi)This is among the earliest books...

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EXCUSE ME YOUR DREAM IS CALLING YOU. (Title of a book by one of my mentors Mbugua Mumbi)

This is among the earliest books I read after discovering that I needed more than I was getting from fiction books. I am not, for one minute, saying fiction is bad but it is important to diversify. You need some advice and direction from someone who is ahead of you; someone who has trodden the path before you.

 I have read and engaged with this book many times until something “jumped” out of this title and into my mind. There is something I noted that totally changed my focus.

If I stood somewhere and my dad or mum came from behind me and spoke, even if it was pitch dark, I would instantly recognize their voices. This also happens with my workmates or the few friends who are very close to me. This was a total revelation to me and I would like to briefly share this: The longer you spend time with a person, the more you become used to them. You get to know their voices, mode of dressing and even their favourite cologne. You can recognize their presence even when it is dark.

All of us have dreams,visions and aspirations. We have distinct destinies specifically tailoured for each individual. These keep calling us as long as we are alive. But my question today is this: how many of us are able to recognize the voice of our dreams and destinies? If your destiny calls you, will you recognize its voice or will you ignore and dismiss it as noise? As we have learnt in my analogy above, the more you spend time with somebody or something, the more you get to know it deeply, and the easier it will be to recognize it. How often do you interact with your dreams, visions and destiny? Do you know its distinct call? Do you know its intimate distinctions?

You can never achieve or acquire something you have no clue about. So let us learn to invest more time on our dreams. To read more posts by Mwangi, click HERE

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