On ‘Right Place, Right time’ By Miriam Mukasa


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We often hear people talk about being at the right place, at the right time. What this translates to is that we create our own luck.
This could be as simple as: being at the right event; the right university; the right organization, the right meeting, knowing the right people and so forth. But how do we know where to be? Well the answer is, we don’t!
All we can do is, increase the law of probability by making sure we do many things i.e. attend the right “networking” events, join clubs at university, take up voluntary work, take up the right internship position, surround ourselves with the right hardworking people and so forth. We need to ensure we are in the front row of life, so we can assess, whether or not an opportunity is presenting itself and we then go for it! Opportunities are everywhere but often, people see challenges rather than opportunities. Are you one of them?
Whatever we do, we need to get out of our comfort zone and yes, this means meeting, contacting, and getting to know people who are also out of our normal social and/or family circles.
We all know people who sit at home moaning , or people who only hang out with those they have known since childhood, or only socialise with people from their own backgrounds and then moan about how unfair life is. Many people are offered opportunities but fail to grab them. These are the glass half full people who think a fairy godmother will knock on their door and invite them to a banquet full of opportunities and ask them to take their pick and then leave the crumbs to others? News Alert – this is not reality.
So, wake up, get your running shoes on, get out there and create your own luck. Starting today, ensure you are at THE RIGHT PLACE, AT THE RIGHT TIME! Wishing you all, a good week. Click HERE to read more posts by Miriam
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