WHAT’S YOUR “YES” By Mwangi Ndegwa

At every seminar or talk that I attend, I make a point of taking notes. This was borne from a very powerful thing...

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At every seminar or talk that I attend, I make a point of taking notes. This was borne from a very powerful thing I discovered, that writing something has the same effect on our minds as reading it five times. When going through some of my notes, I came across something I had written in a seminar organized by one of my mentors by the name of Dr Wale Akinyemi. I would like to share an excerpt from that record.

We frequently seek advice from those older than us either age wise or, in terms of experience: business or employment. The most common piece of advice is the one that advises us to learn how to to say No in situations where we believe that whatever is being asked, is not in our best interest. We are advised to say no to suspicious business deals or bad relationships for example. This is a perfectly good piece of advice that should be heeded by all of us, for if we follow it as it is, we will be breaking a very powerful law of nature: nature does not allow a vacuum.

Nature dictates that when you remove something, you should replace it with something similar or close in nature. So when you are asked to say “NO” to something, then it has to be replaced by something else. The replacement of this “NO” should be a “YES”for this “NO”to be strong and effective, there has to be a strong “YES”to take its place.

So the question that I pose to all of us is this: What is it that you have said YES to? This YES acts as a strong anchor that will help us stave off any pressure that may come from us saying no. It is important for us all, to remember that the society that we live in expects us to talk, dress, behave and do things in a certain way, without a thought as to whether it is beneficial to us or not. The best way to protect ourselves from this, is to have deep roots within our conscience and that can only be founded in what we say YES to. So what have you said Yes to? To read more posts by Mwangi, click HERE

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