Bliss or power, which one would you choose? At times they say what you do not know may not hurt...

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Bliss or power, which one would you choose?

At times they say what you do not know may not hurt you but in reality, what you do not know may unknowingly hurt you.

Some say that happiness is the rarest emotion among intelligent people. Is this true or false? I am the kind of person whose favorite question is ‘WHY?’ and I love digging deeper into things. I must say, this has cost me at times when I found out things that brought more harm than good to my emotional well-being. But then again, the same act of wanting to find out more and more has made me learn to appreciate more than I initially did.

I have learnt that Knowledge is power, but that with this, comes Responsibility. That is, what do I do with what I know? That is what dictates the level of maturity. At times we are committed to people or activities blissfully because we do not know deeper. There is a distinction between being too inquisitive and being nosy. Iniquistivness comes with responsibility and maturity, while nosiness is temporal satisfaction.

At times it becomes exceedingly difficult to make a choice between ‘bliss’ and ‘power’ but I believe a perfect balance between the two is important. Get to understand deeper what you want to know, the consequences, and how to handle it maturely, before taking that step. This can be easily illustrated by: “Ignorance and Arrogance is Bliss, but Knowledge and Respect is Power.” Matthew Young 13-05-2010

That’s my very precise sentiment for today. Best wishes, Mercy. To read more posts by Mercy, click HERE

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