I read a series of posts this past week on Wednesday and I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically. I concluded mums are undefeatable...

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I read a series of posts this past week on Wednesday and I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically. I concluded mums are undefeatable and in fact, let us just say women are indefeatable. I share some of these below. 

QUESTION: Which parent is more dramatic? Mum or Dad? Or both?

Response 1: I was given two weeks suspension whist at secondary school and my mum made me wear my school uniform at home, I sang the national and school anthem and followed the school timetable until 4pm.

Response 2: Ignored my mum’s call and she texted me this “Are we not talking anymore ano? Find your new mother ano?”

Response 3: My mum once told me she didn’t give birth to me. I should ask my grandmother who my real mother is. What was my offensc again? I overslept.

Response 4: I took Mum out to a show, we arrived late so we sat at the back. She left me and went to scout for a seat at the front. She found one and sat. I was at the back the whole show.

Response 5: My mum once woke me up at 1am and said I didn’t finish washing the dishes. It was just one tumbler I hadn’t even seen. One!

Response 6: My dad picks up a piece of paper on the floor and tells everyone he does all the chores… 100000% Dad

Response 7: My mum once stopped beating me at 8pm because we had a visitor; she woke me later that night to continue with the beating.

Unbelievable.  African parents can show you things let me tell you. When I asked around, a lady told me: This culture must be kept alive.

I gather that often men are rather calm but women are quite the contrary? They could just snap in a minute and spin 180 degrees. I guess this is what spills into parenting as shown above. Hilarious at times, not so hilarious at others. As for men, we have accepted all things are possible. We therefore take time to observe someone and judge what to expect from them. Probably why we are able to keep calm no matter what happens. So tell me. Who do you believe is the more dramatic gender? Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world. To get a female perspective on this, please see Mercy’s article HERE

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