‘You know a Woman Loves you when…’ By Mitchell Odhiambo

There is no greater sensation in a man’s heart than the bubbling of joy that springs forth when a woman loves him. Women...

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There is no greater sensation in a man’s heart than the bubbling of joy that springs forth when a woman loves him. Women often try to be subtle about their feelings but I’ll let you in on a number of hints you may pick up to establish whether or not she loves you.

Top of the list:

  1. She gets jealous when you spend time around other women. I mean if she finds you seated with another woman who is going through your gallery especially if you have funny videos and she’s chuckling, she’ll hover around throwing glances in your direction. Her body language will give her away. Now be a man and go calm her down. You’ve got your catch, reassure her.
  2. If she sends you a love song, video, photo or gif and then apologizes for having sent it your way by mistake. My friend, there are no mistakes like that especially if done more than once. That’s right, there is the green light, blue light, and all the yes’s light you will ever get. Now pick up the cues and behave accordingly.
  3. When she shares with you her secrets, talks to you about her family and confides in you, know you have scored. Now treasure that woman and protect her with your life. At this stage, she will flirt with you with suggestions about marriage and kids, play your cars accordingly and you have yourself a wife bro. You can say goodbye to your bachelor buddies.
  4. When her friends tease her around you, there’s probably something they know that you don’t. Some will go to the extent of spilling the beans or for those trying to be subtle, ask you whether you’re attracted to her. If a friend asks, just know she’s on an FBI mission but sucks greatly at the spy game; would definitely never have succeeded at Quantico if she tried.
  5. Finally, if she tells you. Women, unlike men, don’t just tell girls they like them. If she comes forward to tell you so; whether in response to emotions you evoked in her or otherwise, handle it with the utmost of care. For you are treading on fragile territory.

Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world

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