Week Two of 2017 By Anne Gathoni

The first week of this year came and went in a blaze of glory, with all of us with our different resolutions for...

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The first week of this year came and went in a blaze of glory, with all of us with our different resolutions for the year being set out. I’ll eat healthier this year, what I put in is what is reflected on the outside. That was to be my mantra for the year. And it lasted precisely two hours into 2017.

By 2am, I was too busy gorging myself with nyama choma to even remember that I HAD a mantra in the first place. One might be sympathetic and say that this was because I was ushering in the New Year and this slip up was allowed.  I cannot however, defend my continuous indulgence in some not-so- healthy foods. What is my excuse? Nothing!

And I am sure that we are many in this dilemma – caught in the same turbulence, probably unable to stick to our ‘New Year’s’ resolutions’. But I am here to allay your guilt; I am the bearer of good news; that there is hope for us yet.

Instead of having New Year’s resolutions which we are apparently so bad at sticking to, wouldn’t we rather have weekly resolutions? Short term goals for ourselves that are more attainable? Taking down the stone wall, one brick at a time, rather than trying to bulldoze it all at once? If you have a goal for yourself, break it down into smaller targets, all which when combined, will lead to attainment of the bigger goal. Last week I was all about seeing things as a whole, in order to truly understand them. My message stands, and when it comes to achieving a set goal, have the bigger picture at the back of your mind, but start that mile long journey with a single step. Take some me time at the beginning or end of every week and reflect on what you have been able to do and what you would like to do. Take the steps you need to reach your full potential. Develop yourself, and be a blessing to all those around you.

As for me and my ‘healthy’ eating, I’ll be taking it one step at a time!

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